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Gold leaf Freba

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Freba: Gold Leaf

Founded by the Bauer brothers in the early 1960s, FREBA® quickly became one of the leading players in the gold leaf market und today is the number one in Europe.

Well-represented in the area of decoration, the company set up a research and development department and offers a unique range of products for the cosmetics industry.

Constantly striving for innovation, FREBA® developed and produced the first golden car in the world as well as a technique suitable for human beings to create the Golden Mannequins.

Freba® feuille d'or - 41, rue Maufoux - 21200 BEAUNE - France - Tél : 03 80 21 20 72 - Fax : 09 70 62 86 04 - Email : - Mentions légales - Rouge Cerise